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2012 Draft- Year of the Quarterback V.2

Posted by Zach Clanton on May 8, 2011 – 10:27 pm in: 2012, NFL Draft

In the last version of this blog I talked about my top 3 Quarterback prospects for the 2012 NFL draft in Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley, and Landry Jones. While I feel those guys are a lock for the first round, and quite possibly the top 10-15 picks, there are several names that I can see sneaking into the first round and making some noise come draft time.

Ryan Lindley Senior SDSU- Lindley is the type of guy that a ton of people may not know about, due to the fact that

Ryan Lindley hopes to go from "under the radar" to first round stud

he played at San Diego State, and they are not your traditional football power. However, at 6’4″ Lindley has the size and everything else you look for in a big time Quarterback prospect. He has the arm to make all the throws, and throws a pretty deep ball. He has been playing in a pro style offense under Brady Hoke over the last couple seasons, so he has been preparing to take that next step into the National Football League. With a big senior season I could Lindley being the 4th Quarterback off the board in 2012.

Lindley has the make up and the abilities of a big time Quarterback, but he does not play against the best competition. Being from the Mountain West he has very few opportunities to impress against NFL style talent, so he needs to make them count when he gets the chance.

Junior Season: 243-421 3830 YDS 57.7% 28 TD 14INT 149.4 RTG

EJ Manuel RS Junior Florida State- EJ Manuel came out of the prep ranks as a big time Quarterback recruit who was said to be the guy who would take FSU football back to glory. Next year will be the first time he has full control of the offense, but he has played well in spot up duty for an often-injured Christian Ponder and also in mop up duty. At 6’5″ Manuel has the size of the perfect Quarterback, throw in his abilities and you are really drooling. Manuel has a big time arm, and is a very good pocket passer. Manuel also has the ability to tuck the ball and run, or evade the rush to make plays on the run, and has been very accurate in the time he has seen. He is succeeding Christian Ponder who went 12th overall in the 2011 draft, and Manuel has much more to work with as far as skills.

EJ Manuel has looked solid in the time he has gotten to play, but has yet to show anything spectacular and he is still a very unknown prospect. He needs to impress this year, and will still get the questions of whether or not he is just a one year wonder.

Sophomore Season: 65-93 861 YDS 69.9% 4 TD 4INT

Nick Foles Senior Arizona- Foles has been at the center of Arizona’s high octane offense for the last two years, and will continue to impress as a senior. Arizona has a very pass happy system and has produced many Quarterbacks with eye opening stats, but none with the size and make up of Foles. at 6’5″ 235 there aren’t many guys out there with a better build to be a Quarterback. Foles has the arm to make whatever throw he needs, and while it is very modified he has played in a pro style like offense.

Foles has everything you look for in a Quarterback, but he has quite a few weaknesses. Foles has a tendency to force the ball, and has troubles reading defenses. Foles has a tendency to lock on one guy, and fails to make his progressions. Is he a big time prospect of a system Quarterback?

Junior Season: 286-426 3191 YDS 67.1% 20 TD 10 INT 140.9 RTG



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