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Best Fit: Robert Griffin III 3/1

Posted by James Rowe on March 1, 2012 – 5:40 pm in: 2012, NFL Draft

RG3 Had an Outstanding Combine, and is Now a Lock to go #2 Overall

Being drafted to a good fit is always a high priority for NFL prospects, especially for QB’s. This years most intriguing prospect in my mind has to Robert Griffin III from Baylor, but where he ends up could really effect his career. Right now RG3 is a lock to go 2nd in the draft and many teams will try to trade up with St. Louis which will cause a some buzz once draft day is here. In this article I will discuss what teams would fit RG3’s talent the best, and where he is most likely to go this April.

Best Fits:

1 Washington Redskins

RG3 is exactly the type of rookie QB that could turn into a star in D.C. in Shanahan’s offense and could remind some of a younger Mike Vick. The Redskins offense is still developing, but the QB play was the main problem last year for this team. The defense has improved and is generating pressure in the 3-4 scheme, and should continue to improve with more talent added through the draft and F/A. The running game is consistent which will help RG3, and I could even see a Tim Tebow type of offense be implemented in a shotgun formation similar to Baylor’s offense. RG3 could turn the Redskins into a contender if he stays healthy throughout his career, and will be able to use his running skills to roll out in this offense. Washington will have to give up some picks to get RG3 though, I think if they want to move up they would trade 2012 1st and 2nd, and 2013 1st and 4th.

Likelihood of drafting RG3: 40%

2 Seattle Seahawks

In my opinion, the Seahawks were a decent QB away from easily being a wildcard team in 2011, and if Carrol likes RG3 enough he could give up the picks needed to get his QB. This Seattle team is built to win now, and RG3 could excel in this offense with Lynch behind him at RB. The defense is only average, but if they can add the right fit’s in their attacking defense this team could contend with the 49ers for the division title. RG3 will take a lot of picks to get though if the Seahawks want to move up with St. Louis, it would take this years whole draft and maybe even more to get a trade done though. Also it should be mentioned the Seahawks didn’t talk to the star QB at the combine.

Likelihood of drafting RG3: 5%

3 Cleveland Browns

The Browns have made it clear QB is their top need, and if they want RG3 they must move up to get him. McCoy has not gotten the job done in his first 2 years, and can be replaced with RG3 if they trade up to 2 and likely get a RB/WR/DE at 22. RG3 fits this West Coast offense team as well, and can play well if Holmgren can get the right talent around him. The Browns as an organization have not done a good enough job to put a good football team on the field, but RG3 is the type of prospect that can turn a franchise around if he can win early similarly to what Peyton Manning did with the Colts. Cleveland will have to give up a future 1st round pick which could make them think twice about moving up.

Likelihood of drafting RG3: 45%

4 Miami Dolphins

With Joe Philbin now the Head Coach in Miami, I think he will bring in Matt Flynn to run the same offense that was in Green Bay. Flynn won’t get franchised by the Packers, and the Dolphins have to be the most attractive destination for him. RG3 could still possibly end up as a Dolphin if Flynn doesn’t want to be in Miami though. Moving up from 9 will be tough for the Dolphins since they have many other needs to address, I think they would offer this years 1st and next years 1st  along with more picks/players to try and move up for RG3. RG3 would love it in Miami, but the Browns/Redskins are more likely spots where he could be drafted when compared to the Dolphins.

Likelihood of drafting RG3: 10%