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NFL Combine 2012 Recap: Day 2 2/24

Posted by James Rowe on February 24, 2012 – 4:17 pm in: 2012, NFL Draft


QB, RB and WR Preview and Weigh In’s

Top rated QB prospect Andrew Luck  from Stanford is looking like the #1 prospect at the combine today, checking in at 6’4 234lbs. Luck has NFL ready size and is easily my top prospect for the 2012 NFL Draft.  Before the combine Baylor QB Robert Griffin III repeatedly stated he was 6’2, and today we found out he is telling the truth. RG3 is 6’2 3/8in 223lbs and now is a lock to go in the top 4 of the draft. Both Luck and RG3 won’t throw at the combine, which is understandable since I doubt both don’t have much to gain throwing to WR’s they have never worked with before.

Aside from the top 2 QB prospects, this QB class is still wide open and we could see some risers soon. Prospects like Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill  and Arizona State QB Brock Osweiler both have 1st round potential if they can impress scouts this weekend. Tannehill showed up to the combine at 6’4 221lbs, but won’t throw due to a foot injury so his stock is really up in the air at this point. Osweiler checked in a shade under 6’7 242lbs and I think he has the most to gain out of any QB at the combine if he can impress at the drills.

A few potential risers at QB that could be 2nd-4th round picks that I like are Michigan State QB Kirk Cousins and Oklahoma State QB Brandon Weeden. Cousins doesn’t have great size only being a shade under 6’3 214lbs, but is a good decision maker and probably was the best in game QB at the Senior Bowl. Weeden may be older than half the players in the NFL, but I also think he could be a day 2 pick after coming in at 6’4 221lbs.

The drafts top rated RB Trent Richardson from Alabama won’t participate at the combine due to a recent knee injury, but will be fine for his workout in March most likely. Richardson’s stock seems to be top 5, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him fall similarly to Adrian Peterson did. A sleeper to pick Richardson is the Jaguars at 7. My next rated RB Miami’s Lamar Miller checked in at the combine at 5’11 212lbs. If Miller can run a sub 4.4 40, expect him to be a 1st round pick and the 2nd RB off the board. Virginia Tech RB David Wilson and Boise State RB Doug Martin are possible late 1st round to mid 2nd round prospects that I’ve taken a liking to. Wilson at 5’10 206lbs runs very hard for his size but his fumble issues will give teams some concern. Martin is the top Senior RB at 5’9 223lbs and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him put up starting RB type stats early in his career.

Oregon RB LaMichael James and Washington RB Chris Polk are 2 RB’s that likely will go somewhere in the 3rd round. James is a highly touted prospect from the Oregon offense and came into the combine at 5’8 194lbs, which could hurt his stock if he doesn’t run a good 40 time. Polk is a much bigger back at 5’11 215lbs, and can be a powerback in a 2 RB offense in the NFL. Isaiah Pead from Cincinnati is a possible 4th round steal coming in at 5’10 197lbs, and should run a good 40 to improve his already rising stock after a strong Senior Bowl showing. My favorite late round RB is San Diego State RB Ronnie Hillman. Hillman will most likely be a 4th-6th round pick, and is an underrated RB that will surprise people if he gets a chance in the right offense.

Finally the WR’s checked in as well, and star WR prospect Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State is the headline name for the WR class. Blackmon showed up leaner than expected at 6’1 207lbs, and won’t run until his Pro Day early in March. After Blackmon Baylor WR Kendall Wright and Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd are battling for the #2 WR spots in my rankings. Wright is speedy WR in the mold of Mike Wallace or Steve Smith, and has just enough size to go in the top 15 at 5’10 196lbs. Floyd is a much more physical WR at 6’3 220lbs, and could be a Hakeem Nicks type WR in the NFL if he doesn’t get in any more trouble off the field.

Alshon Jeffery from South Carolina cleared up his weight issue rumors, checking in at 6’3 216lbs. Jeffery will still need to run in the 4.5’s to keep his stock in the 1st. Rutgers WR Mohamed Sanu and LSU WR  Rueben Randle  are both possible 2nd round picks. Sanu is 6’2 211lbs, and will need good coaching to develop himself into a stud WR. Randle never had great QB play, and he could use his great size at 6’3 210lbs to help a pass offense in the NFL. A mid round WR prospect I like is T.Y. Hilton from Florida International. He is a very quick WR at 5’10 183lbs, and could contribute at a return man as well and will go in the 3rd-5th range. A good late round WR from another small school is Western Michigan WR Jordan White. White doesn’t have great size just being 6’0 208lbs, but uses his body and stregnth to catch some amazing passes from the QB. White will be a 5th or 6th round pick in all likelihood, but I could see him making some clutch catches as a rookie if he gets drafted by a good team.

Other Noteable Prospect Weigh In’s:

QB Nick Foles Arizona 6’5 243lbs Stock: Steady Late 3rd Round

QB Russell Wilson Wisconsin 5’10 204lbs Stock: Improving 5th Round

RB Bernard Piere Temple 6’0 218lbs Stock: Steady 4th Round

RB Dan Herron Ohio State 5’10 213lbs Stock: Declining 6th Round

WR Joe Adams Arkansas 5’11 179lbs Stock: Improving 2nd Round

WR Juron Criner Arizona 6’3 224lbs Stock: Improving 3rd Round

WR Ryan Broyles 5’10 192lbs Stock: Declining 4th Round

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