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Prospects with the most to prove next season before the 2012 draft.

Posted by Ozzy on May 18, 2011 – 5:29 pm in: 2012, NFL Draft

This is a list of a few prospects that have a lot to prove next year before the 2012 NFL Draft.  Most of the players including on this list are seniors and are coming off of poor junior campaigns, a few juniors are also including in the list. With all of these prospects they are going to have to improve their football skills, their effort on the field and their production has to increase greatly if they hope to improve their draft stock or even be drafted at all.


Terrelle Pryor SR QB Ohio State: Even if Ohio State did not have all of the off the field issues they have had this summer, people would still be questioning the legitimacy of Terrelle Pryor as a NFL quarterback.  An always gifted athlete, and proven on the field leader, it is still up in the air if he can make the accurate throws necessary in the NFL.  To make matters worse he will not even be able to show his abilities on the field because of the suspensions early in the year.  He has a lot of work to do, and unlike last year with Cam Newton.  Who won the hearts of America, showed great ability to perform in the clutch and made big time NFL throws capturing the Heisman trophy,  Pryor will not get that same opportunity with the suspension.


Jack Crawford SR DE Penn State: A big physical and imposing defensive end,  looks tough,  looks the part but last year he really laid an egg. Very unproductive season getting after the quarterback and he did not make as many plays on the football field as he should have.  A big disappointment last year and he will have to make a complete 360 this year if he hopes to be drafted come draft time.


Jacory Harris SR QB Miami FL: Quite possibly no player in the country has to improve his performance move off of last year than Jacory Harris. A once considered promising composed young quarterback is now to many a lackadaisical,  unemotional andinaccurate quarterback.   He has this year to turn it around, and what was once interpreted as calm under pressure is clearly not the case because he did not perform that well under pressure last season and his physical frailness is a major issue as well.



DC Jefferson SR TE Rutgers: He has ideal size for a tight end, huge man, big waist, thick kid, and promising athlete.  However he has never really been dominant at tight end and has really underachieved as a pass catcher.  He has the potential to be a big threat in the passing game and in the run game, and if he puts in more effort he could be a very solid prospect physically speaking.  But it he does not show up again this being his senior season he will be passed over come draft day.


Nelson Rosario SR WR UCLA: A very gifted receiver, a big strong kid and has impressive hands when he gets his opportunities. Yes, his quarterback situation is a disaster but he still has to produce more than he has been during his career.   Most great receivers can make average quarterbacks look much better than they are, and he has to do that.  Failing to make more explosive plays on the field like he is capable of doing.


TJ Bryant SR CB USC: So far he has only shown flashes at USC, has the absolute potential of being a elite top flight corner back.  He is quick, fast, plays with good anticipation and is an improving tackler when he puts his mind to it.  But injuries have slowed his career a great deal and this is his last year to prove those injuries are behind him.


Blake Gideon SR FS Texas: Was a real breakout player as a young prospect, had great seasons those first two years.  But last year he took a step back, without Earl Thomas by his side at safety it was a very different defensive backfield.  Gideon is getting a lot less interceptions than he used to and is not impacting the game in the way he did early in his career. His final year he will have to greatly pickup his play, especially considering how many very good safeties went undrafted in 2010.


Dan Buckner SR WR Arizona: Transferred out of Texas, now starting a new in Arizona where he will have to finally show the potential that he has and prove it on the field.  He is a tall kid, long arms, big hands but will have to improve route running and ability to get separation a great deal if he hopes to play at the next level.


Stephfon Green SR RB Penn State: A huge disappointment in Happy Valley so far, Green has such potential as a young player but has never really been consistent on the football field at all.  He is close to not even being considered an NFL prospect.   A very speedy back but never really has put together a solid season or became a proven ground gainer that could take contact.  He now has the chance to shine with Royster moving onto the NFL, but if not do not be surprised if another back takes his place in Redd.


Alameda Ta’amu SR NT Washington: At the end of last season he really broke out and played great football at his NT spot.  If he keeps up that same level of play he could be a possible high draft selection.  But, before the end of last year he was a big disappointment and his conditioning during the season was a big question mark athletically.  The issue is will he stay motivated and in shape to keep up a consistent aggressive level of play this year.


Dont’a Hightower SR OLB Alabama: On this list, he is probably the most productive and consistent player.  However his ceiling is much higher than most.  At times last year he looked lazy and slow in coverage and at times did not seem to give that maxium power effort you expect out of a tank like him.  Nonetheless, if he increases his intensity and effort this year, I expect him to be a potential 1st round draft pick.


Russell Shepard JR WR LSU: It is time to become a real receiver.  He is committed to the change and is not playing quarterback any longer. His speed is very impressive but he has to improve his route running and overall fluidity at the position.  If he works on his receiver technique and improves those aspects of his game, he has potential to be a very good receiver prospect, that is if he puts the work in.


Sean Fisher JR OLB Nebraska: Has never really got involved at Nebraska.  Big kid, tall, great frame for a defensive end or a ¾ OLB. Yet on the field did not play much because of injury issues.  Lucky for him he is just a junior this year but he will have to pick up his game greatly and star showing up on the field playing up to his maxium potential.  Because he sure does have the frame and measurables for the next level.


Malcolm Williams SR WR Texas: He really has never taken off as a receiver at Texas.   He is always just one of the bunch, never separating himself from his teammates much less receivers across the country.   He has great height and size but his production is lacking and his explosive playmaking abilities has to improve, as does his consistency. If he hopes to get a chance at the next level, the time to show his skills is now.


TJ McDonald JR FS USC: A great athlete and has big time open field speed.  However last year as a starter he was a big question mark and his tackling was not very good at all.   He has the athletic ability to be a very elite free safety with his recovery speed.  But if he does not improve his tackling in the open field and his toughness he will struggle, lucky for him he still technically has two more years to work on his game and improve.


Broderick Green SR RB Arkansas: A very talented running back, big kid, has worlds of potential but has yet to really show that during the season.  He has had success but has never been the feature back.  And now with Kniles Davis as the starter it will really be hard for him to get more playing time at Arkansas.  But Green can be productive when he gets his chance and if he makes an impact and plays he will get more opportunities to showcase his skills at the college level and the next.



Written by Jeremy Osborne (aka Ozzy)

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